Sunday, June 6, 2010

Progress: The Angler, and What It's Existence Means

I've got my second type of baddie in.

That took much more effort than future types of baddie likely will.

Before today, I had most of my baddie-making code hard-wired to make the Foo Drone. I had to rewrite all of that to read the names of images, sounds, and stats from a config file. That's quite a bit of work right there.

I also had to get spread guns working correctly, which was harder than I thought it would be...
necessary (I think) to
I also had to give baddies shields. Unlike the Foo Drone, the Angler has shields.

All of the ships move much faster at the end of today than they did before. This isn't an accomplishment (Hopefully this is obvious) but it is a bit of tweaking that I really like. The player's ship is wicked fast (Which it's supposed to be), the Foo Drones also move much faster.

The Angler's spread gun could stand to be a bit more powerful (Which I could do my making it fire more shots at a time) and the sprites for its shots are rotated funny.

All in all, though, I'm happy with what I did today. It's not bad, considering that I slept in until noon today...

I'm gonna call it a night, though. I've gotten quite a bit done, and I'm happy with that. Tomorrow, I want to get a basic boss working and maybe a third type of baddie.

I'll post about the Angler and the third type of baddie when I've finished making the latter and have it balanced the way I like it.

I'll also post about some of the initial boss parts when I have made them.

Good night, internet. Can't wait for tomorrow.

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