Monday, June 7, 2010

The Day so Far has been down for today (Well, the status page said that the outage only affected a few areas, and I was in one of them...) so I've got a fair bit to post here.

All ships now flash when they take damage. Green when their shields are damaged and red when their armor is damaged. Also, baddies' life gauges only show for about 1/2 second after they have taken damage.

I've recently fixed a hiccup in how I handle the rate of time that will make all of my time intervals correct, but that isn't in the current demo.

(It is in the SVN repository, for those who are so inclined...)

I've released a new demo, as well. You can pick up a copy of the Windows version here, or the source code (Which requires that you have Love2D installed to run it) here.

These two releases also include a readme with some instructions and a copy of the license. The Windows release also includes the license for Love2D. (Which is the lower-case license.txt, the upper-case LICENSE.txt is the Cherry license. I'll sort those two out before the next demo, I promise!)

I haven't gotten my third baddie type done yet, but I'm working on it!

I'll probably throw in a fourth type because I have all the code I need for it anyway, and I'll be sure to post that along with the one I'm working on now.

Bosses... They'll probably be put together Wednesday at the soonest. I've got some of the underlying code, but I haven't gotten alot organized...

I think this might turn out well...

--- Mr. Dude

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