Monday, June 7, 2010

New baddies! The Angler, the Rocket Hound, and the Bar Drone

I've gotten my two baddies for today done, so I'd like to share them with my readers. (Well, those two and the baddie from yesterday!)First, the Angler. This is a great big ship with thick armor, powerful shields, and a great big spread gun. These behemoths will be somewhat rare, and docks that spawn them (And baddies of their size) will be very uncommon in bosses.

The Angler's stats are as follows:
  • 25 Armor points (Takes 13 gun shots or 2 missiles)
  • 40 Shield points (Takes 20 gun shots or 2 missiles)
  • Shield regenerates 1 point every 2.5 seconds
  • Weapon is a spread gun that fires one salvo of four shots (At 5, -5, 20, and -20 degrees) that each do 30 points of damage. (Two shots will get through the player's shields, one more will kill the player)
The Rocket Hound is a big ship with two missile racks that fire two missiles each. It has fairly powerful shields and reasonably thick armor, but isn't exactly indestructible. It can move surprisingly fast for its size, as well.

The Rock Hound's stats are as follows:
  • 35 Armor points (Takes 18 gun shots or 2 missiles)
  • 15 Shield points (Takes 8 gun shots or 1 missile)
  • Shields regenerate 2 points per second
  • Weapon is a pair of missile racks that fire a total of 4 missiles per salvo, and can fire 2 salvos per second, and each missile deals 30 damage
The Bar Drone is the second most common baddie. It is very quick, and has pretty tough shields. Its main weapon is a spread gun which fires a fairly tight pattern. Because its gun fires multiple shots in a tight spread, it likes to get close to you and stay close to you. For those who aren't familiar with programming, "Foo" and "Bar" are names that are often given to values that are used as examples without much context. (For example, demonstrating a simple feature of a programming language, especially in beginners' textbooks)

The Bar Drone's stats are as follows:
  • 12 Armor points (Takes 6 gun shots or one missile)
  • 6 Shield points (Takes 3 gun shots or one missile) (One missile kills it regardless of shields)
  • Shields regenerate 1 point per second
  • Weapon is a spread gun that fires salvos of 3 shots (At 0, 2, and -2 degrees) twice per second, with each shot dealing 8 damage (8 shots will get through the player's shields, 3 will kill)

I'm going to be working on this late tonight, so I'll keep you (The readers) posted.

I'm hoping to add one more type of baddie tomorrow. (It'd be two, but I have a meeting with my English professor to discuss my final portfolio tomorrow...)

--- Mr. Dude

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