Friday, June 11, 2010

Mini-LD #19 - Gunner Robo Pocket

Mini-LD #19 has begun!

The theme for this event is "Industry"

My concept is that of a game that has you playing randomly-generated "Games" that each consist of 5 levels with a boss fight at the end of the 5th. (I may add a mini-boss to the 3rd level if I have time)

Each "game" will have a player character who is a combination of three attributes:
  • Overall Shape (Humanoid, Mech, Tank, or Flying Thing)
  • Flight Action (None, Multi-Jump, Hover, or Fly)
    • For the "Flying Thing" these mean: (None, Speed Burst, Turbo, or Ramming)
  • Weapon (Normal Gun, Charging Gun, Spread Gun, or Rapid Gun)
The "Games" will also use a variety of item and weapon rules:
  • Infinite ammo, limited ammo, or regenerating ammo?
  • Shields or no shields?
  • Items or no items? (Ammo will be either infinite or regenerating if there are no items)
  • Flight has a cost?
    • If so, shields, ammo, or both?
    • Or does it use its own energy?
I should have something by tomorrow afternoon. I'll be hosting the downloads on my public DropBox, and will be posting links to the downloads here and on the blog. I may also tweet them, but those will be formatted with

Until then, peace.

--- Mr.Dude

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