Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fetch with Puppy - Unexpected Progress but no Screenshot

Well, this is interesting. It turns out that Flixel has made this go really quickly. The code that I thought would take all day took an hour and a half. I don't have graphics yet, so no screenshot. (sorry!)

Not sure what to do now. I had planned to be working all day on this logic. Hm.

In other news, I will be ditching C++ and Ogre3D for my action RPG and will use 2D graphics and AS3/FlashPunk. It seems to me that it's a better choice. I will be using the Adobe AIR platform (IE: Desktop/mobile app) rather than Flash, though.

What to do with the rest of today, though..? Not sure yet. I don't have much more time today since I've got a long-ish homework assignment that I'm starting in about 45 minutes and after that I have a class that I'll get home from at about 11PM. Bah.

Peace, love, and fast progress,

--- Henry

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