Tuesday, September 6, 2011

libPainting - A Library for Code Paintings

As I mentioned in my previous post, I am making a library for "code painting" games. This library is being written in C++ using SDL, but will be ported to other languages and libraries. In particular, it will be ported to Python+Pygame.

Currently, I have some very basic functionality in place.
  • Image wrapper that can draw itself
  • Basic entity that can move and draw itself
  • Application class that can update itself and handle SDL events
  • Input state containers
    • Container for a button state (down/changed)
    • Container for a "joy hat" state (horizontal/vertical)
    • Container for mouse state (position/movement/buttons)
    • Container for all input states (uses other containers)
  • Configuration container (currently contains screen zoom and key controls)
I am also developing a test/proof-of-concept game alongside this library. The game is titled "Little Fox" and it is about the titular fox hunting rabbits and bird in a procedurally generated forest.

I will also be working on an API specification for the library, and will find somewhere to host it (I'm writing it in HTML) once it is reasonably complete.

Peace, love, and a shared library object,

--- Henry

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