Sunday, September 4, 2011

About My Future Projects

So, without posting specifics (mainly because I'm flip-flopping about the ideas that I have for games), I'd like to talk a bit about what kinds of games I will be making.

This was covered in a more philosophical way on my other blog, just in case you'd like the philosophy behind it. For those reading later on (IE: after I have posted more on that blog), the philosophy is in this post.

I have decided to take the title of that blog for the type of game that I will make. I've decided to call this type of game a "code painting."

I am working on a specification for this type of game but have only just started on that. I will probably put the document up on Google Docs and link to it when I have the first draft completed.

Here's a summary of it, though:
  • Minimal interface, menus opened with key presses
  • Game starts in play state, becomes idle when not playing
  • Simple concept with no unnecessary elements
  • Avoid traditional or cliche premises
  • Use either procedural content or as little content as possible
  • Prefer polish over technology or amount of content
I will, again, post more about this idea when I have a document that actually gives a specification. I will also be creating a library for these functions that will be written in C++ and use the SDL media library.

With PyWeek coming up, there may also be a Python/Pygame version of this library.

Peace, love, and a direction to move in,

--- Henry

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