Sunday, September 5, 2010

Flip-Flopping Between Projects - A Mini-LD Warmup

I noticed that this month's Mini-LD has been announced, and the theme along with it. (Normally, the theme isn't announced until the event has begun, but this month's host is very laid back about the whole thing)

The theme this time is "Greatest Fear", and the host has stated that she wants us to each face a fear of ours. Because I'm scared of making pixel sprites (I'm not great at it, and am generally better at vector), I'm going to be making a side-scroller using pixel graphics.

So that I don't just embarrass myself, I'm going to be making a warmup game first. I started at 19:00 UTC, and will be ending at 20:00 UTC this coming Wednesday. (Giving me about 72 hours. I'm giving myself the extra hour because I started at about 19:30 UTC instead of 19:00, and 20:00 is a nice, on-the-hour time)

The title of the game is/will be "Sword". It is about a fighter who is fighting his/her way (There will be two playable characters) through a dungeon to get a Valuable Dingus. (As fighters tend to do)

In the dungeon, there will be a variety of baddies that will try to stop/kill the player, mostly consisting of goblins and orcs.

There will be 10 levels (Assuming that I have time), a miniboss, and a final boss. Each character will have their own weapon, but the two will differ mainly in speed and damage. The characters will differ in speed and health, as well.

The plot for Sword will be pretty minimal, and will mainly consist of "You are a fighter. There is a dungeon with Treasure in it. Go get the treasure."

With that, I'm going to go get to work!

Edit: Fixed the times. I'm bad at math sometimes...
Another  Edit: Forgot: Those times were UTC...

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